We are (slowly) starting to prepare for baby girl by getting the house, and specifically, her room ready. I saw we had a need for a few modern and goodlooking baskets for a cabinet outside her room. Well, everything Anna Graham of Noodlehead creates is both modern and goodlooking. I’ve had my eye on the baskets in her book for a while, so I decided to take the plunge.

I’m not sure why I thought my provisions to her pattern and instructions were going to work out better…. I guess I was feeling confident.

I decided to make 3 baskets at once so it was a lot of cutting. The cutting went well, but I had trouble when it came to sewing the side panels to the wall. You are instructed to clip the long wall pattern where the side panel is curved, in order to ease it into a curve shape too. This was a pain in the ass. After much swearing, time and sweat, I ended up putting a pleat in the side panels at the curve. It worked out ok I think.


Next, I sewed the outside and lining all together as instructed, and then I came to my first modification. I decided to do my handles differently. I wanted 1 handle on the front, like a drawer, instead of 2 on the sides near the top. The instructions said to use the double sided interfacing to stablize the side panels, and then attach the handles. But […]


Well hello sewers! It’s been a few months since my last post, thanks to the Holidays, but I felt it was important to write a post for the end of the year.

I have to say, I am really impressed with the success of #SewMyStash2015 for all of you! The hashtag on Instagram has over 10,000 posts! I’ve seen countless AMAZING finished projects, commented on more than I can count, and loved every moment of it! Toward the first half of the year, we had a little more steam and started with a few great challenges that were well received! I also was part of Make Modern Magazine‘s March publication sharing the SewMyStash movement in an interview! That was awesome! But the biggest project for SewMyStash was the Mini Quilt Swap. We had over 300 participants! It wrapped up in early November and I think it was successful, though stressful. I definitely have extra respect for swap hosts and swap mamas! (Click HERE for all the SewMyStash2015 blog posts)

What’s the plan for next year…..?

Well, if you all are like me, then I am SURE you still have plenty of stash you didn’t get to! So… we will be continuing SewMyStash into 2016!! Yayyy! I already have a few ideas for challenges and this time I think I will make a calendar ahead so sewers know whats coming up! It would also be great to get a blog hop […]


Oh boy, did we have a hectic August! It tends to be so every year, though, because both my husband and my son’s birthdays are in August… only 2 days apart! We also had a wedding out of town, which was great! And, unfortunately, I had to say good bye to a friend.

My coworker, Ricky Manginsay, passed away from cancer very young. I worked with him every day.. on our team we had our Director Rob Oliver, Ricky as the assistant director, and me as the lead Background artist. It was very emotional for everyone. I am happy to say that we have celebrated him as much as we can since he passed! And I took the opportunity to make something special for him (and his wife), and as a way for me to process/grieve. I’m only sorry I didn’t get to give it to him in person. He died the morning of the day I was to visit with a group of coworkers. I hope, with all my heart, that he may rest in peace and that his friends and family’s suffering is eased.

Sorry for the sad moment..there were a lot of great parts of August! Levi’s 4th birthday (puppy themed), the wedding of friends in Idaho, and how much family we got to spend time with thanks to 2 reunions!

Photo Jul 31, 11 11 30 AM

Hello sewers! Can you believe its July already!!?? Less than 6 months until Christmas! Ahhhh!!! Ok, lets focus on the now… how are you doing with sewing your stash!!?? Have you gotten some projects done? Have you filled your shop more? Selfish sewing? Gift sewing? If you are like me, you haven’t made NEARLY the dent you meant to…

I began the year vowing not to do any swaps for a while, and I am happy to say I kept that promise! Except for the one I am currently hosting.. but that one is for SewMyStash so it doesn’t count!

January & February: I participated in the Valentines weekend challenge and finished up the Downton Abby swap that I had previously signed up for! I also had the precuts party challenge but I didn’t get to participate. Instead, I wrote a quilt block pattern for my Modern Quilt Guild chapter, the LAMQG. I did use some stash! The pattern is on sale in my shop! (Marching On Pattern)

March: In March I was no so disciplined. I did a little selfish sewing by making some scout tee’s… but I think only 1 of those was from stash. In fact, I *may* have visited Michael Levine in Downtown on their 20% off all cotton sale day. Oh.. yeah I did. Evidence:

See that stack next to my husband with the Heather Ross?? That’s mine. Whoops. See! I am not perfect at all!

April: I […]

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Welcome to the SewMyStash Mini Quilt Swap! Below you will find the details and rules for this swap. It is open to international sewers as well as domestic! The ship deadline for international is October 3rd and final deadline is October 12th. My intention is for all packages to be received by the end of October. Since this is mostly stash sewing, everyone should be able to get started right away and finish easily within the deadline. There is no specific theme, you may request anything from your partner, including holiday related! The link to the google form is at the bottom of this post! Happy quilting!


The Details:

It must be a mini quilt ranging from 12″x 12″ to 24″x 24″
It needs to be 75% stash at least! Really try hard for this, guys! Its the honor system, but its also the fun/point of this swap!
Lets try to keep the extra goodies to yardage or scraps from your stash or other little things! No need to go on a shopping spree. You are welcome to use more stash to make something small, of course!
We will be using the #SewMyStashMiniQuiltSwap hashtag as well as hashtags for swap mamas (example: #LeasasStashSewers)
Be aware that people will be pulling fabrics from their stash for you! I recommend being generous with your info on the sign up form and with your posted mosaic.
Know that this swap is open to all skill levels, but we will be attempting to pair people up who would fit well […]


Only 6 more months until Christmas!!! Yay!! The concept of “Christmas in July” is not a new one, especially in the crafting/sewing world. I love Christmas time and really wanted to get SewMyStash2015 involved in this concept, though I did alter it slightly so that its more friendly to those who celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanza and the Winter Solstice.

This challenge will be about using up those holiday fabrics, or making those holiday themed patterns as well as handmade gifts to give! Rules below!

Anything holiday! Fabric, pattern, gifts for others… make anything you want!
75% stash, approximately
Every finished item is an entry to the giveaway (multiple small items count as one. like stocking stuffers of ornaments, etc)
Completed (basically) by July 31st (Harry Potter’s birthday!… ahem)
Spread the word! I’m not going to require that you post or blog about it, but if you get a chance, spread the word! Its always more fun the more people doing it!

That’s it! All you have to do now is decide what to make! I’m hoping to use ALL of my Cherry Christmas fabric by Aneela Hoey.

I would really love to make a tree skirt using this free pattern from Amy Butler. I want to try and include my wedding veil as trim! Its the only piece from my wedding day that I kept and I have been trying to think of what to do with it for years. I hope it works out! **Side note: I love the way Posted in SewMyStash Tagged , , , , , , 3 Comments


Hello readers! I’m back from vacation! Well… actually I was back about 5 weeks ago… either way, here I am!! And I’m ready to get my nose back to the grind!

But first… vacation was amaze-balls! Me, hubby, and my sister had an excellent time in The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Greece! We had not been on vacation in 5 years almost! More importantly, Levi did so great with his grand parents during those 2 weeks! How about some photos, you ask?? Well, sure! You can find the gallery at the end of the post. 😉

I’m pretty excited to tell you about these 2 AWESOME fabric shops I visited (read: left a small fortune at) while in Amsterdam! The shop “Den Haan & Wagonmakers” (love that name!) sold dutch heritage fabric and the shop next door, “Birdsnest”, sold more modern fabrics.

And here is what I brought home!

Right away I started dreaming up what to make with my dutch fabric. After some deliberation and opinions, I decided on a Swoon Quilt by Thimble Blossoms. I’m so glad I did! I also decided to pair them with fresh modern solids so that it didn’t feel too much like a heritage quilt. I wanted a modern-vintage feel. I think I am succeeding! Here are a few blocks I have done so far!

They look so good!


When I got back, I was happy to hear the The Simpsons (where I […]


I felt it was time for the next challenge, and I wanted to center it around bags! Why? ….Why not?! I have been seeing so many great bag patterns popping up on social media and on blogs. Also, I thought its a great bridge-gapper for quilters and apparel sewers. Also, I need a cross body shoulder bag for my upcoming trip to Europe in May… so its a little bit selfish too… but I did say at the beginning of SewMyStash2015 that I personally wanted to focus on selfish sewing.


1. Must be a bag! That means bigger than a zippy. I would say, if it has a strap of any sort, then it counts. So the smallest could be like a wristlet wallet or clutch and biggest all the way up to weekenders and whatnot.

2. Must be 75% stash! That means the main fabrics. Buying zippers, hardware, etc are all ok.

3. Must be completed by April 27th! Lets make it to the end of the month! the 30th! I will accept bags started this month too. I know I said it starts the 13th, but there are some sew-alongs happening out there so if you are doing one of those and using stash, it counts!

***Bonus submission for coordinating zippy!

I am also happy to announce that the very awesome Jennie from Clover and Violet is offering a single use coupon code for 50% bag patterns! You may use it for up to 2 pattern purchases! Use coupon code “sewmystash50” […]