After posting the first challenge for SewMyStash2017 (read HERE), there was a lot of enthusiasm! But, there certainly was some hesitation and anxiety about committing to using those beauties. So, I thought an encouraging blog post was needed!


First: Don’t think of it as cutting up, screwing up, or ruining your most treasured fabric! You need to think about how awesome it will be to enjoy them in a new form… including how nice it will be for others to enjoy them, too! You are a great sewist! You like your work, others like your work… there are not many projects that you made that turned out to be total shit. Seriously. So, lets look at some great ways to decide what you’re going to make.


Pinteresting… One of the first things I do when I need ideas is to search Pinterest. If I have fabric I want to use (in MY case I plan to cut up my precious Heather Ross fabrics) I begin my searching there with keywords like “heather ross, briar rose, quilt, bag, etc”. If you haven’t done this, try it! You might be surprised how many results you get!


Pocket Friends! The Instagram community is so very awesome and supportive! Talk to your followers and get ideas from them! You can also search the hashtags of your fabric you intend to use and see what others have made. Same as the keywords in Pinterest, try different hashtags to maximize your inspiration!


Go To Your Library! I’m talking about your […]

Well hello sewers! It’s been a few months since my last post, thanks to the Holidays, but I felt it was important to write a post for the end of the year.

I have to say, I am really impressed with the success of #SewMyStash2015 for all of you! The hashtag on Instagram has over 10,000 posts! I’ve seen countless AMAZING finished projects, commented on more than I can count, and loved every moment of it! Toward the first half of the year, we had a little more steam and started with a few great challenges that were well received! I also was part of Make Modern Magazine‘s March publication sharing the SewMyStash movement in an interview! That was awesome! But the biggest project for SewMyStash was the Mini Quilt Swap. We had over 300 participants! It wrapped up in early November and I think it was successful, though stressful. I definitely have extra respect for swap hosts and swap mamas! (Click HERE for all the SewMyStash2015 blog posts)

What’s the plan for next year…..?

Well, if you all are like me, then I am SURE you still have plenty of stash you didn’t get to! So… we will be continuing SewMyStash into 2016!! Yayyy! I already have a few ideas for challenges and this time I think I will make a calendar ahead so sewers know whats coming up! It would also be great to get a blog hop […]

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Welcome to the kickoff blog post for Sew My Stash 2015!

This past few years I have spent lots of time sewing many projects… for others. I have been collecting amazing fabrics with the intention to sew some great things for me and my household. Repeatedly, I kept meaning to use them, but other projects always came first. But my stash was steadily growing. Last week, I finally decided that in 2015 I wanted to sew those pretties in my stash that are collecting dust. I thought a few people might be interested in taking this challenge on, so I posted about it on Instagram. Within 3 days I had almost 500 extra followers and hundreds of ‘likes’ and reposts on my Instagram image. So here we are! I’m excited and overwhelmed to be heading up this challenge for so many, but I say lets do this!



I plan to write blog post every 3-ish weeks, encouraging and reviewing how it seems to be going for the masses, as well as addressing various topics and issues that might come up with trying to focus on sewing your stash. And, as a heads up, July will be all about sewing your Christmas stash! So save those projects for then if you want to participate!

Getting Started:
I think we should first think of the ways you can use up you stash. I like the idea of thinking about what kind of sewing you should do more of? Do you sew for others all […]

Pull on into the station!! Welcome readers, new and old! Why the Hogwarts Express reference, you ask?? Because this is a blog hop stop! And because I love Harry Potter! Whats a blog hop? I wasn’t quite sure myself.. it made me think of a steam train.. hence the Hogwarts love I just gave. A blog hop is when bloggers pass the baton, so to speak, to each other to write a post on a common topic! The idea is for readers to find new content they might like! There are many types of blog hops (sometimes for authors of new books or fabric lines, patterns etc) but this one is just a “get to know you” type. I was invited by Lindsay of Sew Lindsay Sew to be a part of this one (my first blog hop). She recently challenged herself on her 100th post, to make a list of 100 projects she wants to sew! I’m really intrigued to see how she does! Its so easy for all of us to get distracted with other projects. Good luck Lindsay! Now, on to the questions!

“Why do I write?”

I’m a talker… and I have lots of aspects to my life and interests… and I was eager to share everything I could with anyone who would listen. But there came a point where I realized that I couldn’t keep oppress people with my passionate conversation every time I was in the presence of another human. LOL. […]

I had so much fun making stockings for our family of 3 that I wanted to share it with you… now that Christmas has passed, lol. Better late than never!

Mostly I used this tutorial from the Moda Bake Shop site and this photo I saw on Flickr. I’m really only going to share what I did differently and any tips I think would be useful.

First I used our existing stockings to make a pattern piece out of a paper grocery bag instead of the template they provide. I traced it with some space all the way around. I didn’t fuss to make it perfect.

Then I cut my strips from the Cherry Christmas collection by Aneela Hoey along with some coordinating fabrics. I didn’t fuss about what thickness. The tutorial didn’t really explain the best approach to get the diagonal strips, so I thought I would share how I decided to do it:

I laid them all out straight at first to get my pattern down. Once decided, I laid them on top of each other into diagonals, alternating, so they become wedges. For ease, I used my water fabric pen and traced the edges of each strip onto the strip below it (this tells me what angle to cut that wedge in order to match up with the ones next to it). Using that drawn line, I trimmed the strips to a 1/4″ seam allowance. So now, they are wedge shaped. Make sure that the fabric […]

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