This blog started as a place to share the beginning of my journey to parenthood because of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). It transformed into a parenting blog after Levi was born, but once I got into the (not-so-perfect) groove of parenting, I started sewing and creating more! So, enjoy posts about crafting, sewing and quilting, as well as some parenting. Use the tabs to filter to the specific topic you are interested in, or scroll through the home tab which lists them all!

With love,

  1. Lindsay says:

    Hi Leasa! I have been following your blog and IG, and I really enjoy both. I loved your Simpsons skirt last week (I am always looking for ways to use licensed fabrics in classy ways!). Anyway, I enjoy your content and I’d like to invite you to participate in a “blog hop!” I couldn’t find your email address here, so send me a message at the address connected to this comment if you’re interested and I will send you the info. 🙂


  2. katie yoakum says:

    I was trying to find your email address — I’ve been nominated for the around the world hop and wanted to know if you would be one of the people that I point out in my posting for other great blogs to follow.

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