We are (slowly) starting to prepare for baby girl by getting the house, and specifically, her room ready. I saw we had a need for a few modern and goodlooking baskets for a cabinet outside her room. Well, everything Anna Graham of Noodlehead creates is both modern and goodlooking. I’ve had my eye on the baskets in her book for a while, so I decided to take the plunge.

I’m not sure why I thought my provisions to her pattern and instructions were going to work out better…. I guess I was feeling confident.

I decided to make 3 baskets at once so it was a lot of cutting. The cutting went well, but I had trouble when it came to sewing the side panels to the wall. You are instructed to clip the long wall pattern where the side panel is curved, in order to ease it into a curve shape too. This was a pain in the ass. After much swearing, time and sweat, I ended up putting a pleat in the side panels at the curve. It worked out ok I think.


Next, I sewed the outside and lining all together as instructed, and then I came to my first modification. I decided to do my handles differently. I wanted 1 handle on the front, like a drawer, instead of 2 on the sides near the top. The instructions said to use the double sided interfacing to stablize the side panels, and then attach the handles. But […]

Hello sewers! Can you believe its July already!!?? Less than 6 months until Christmas! Ahhhh!!! Ok, lets focus on the now… how are you doing with sewing your stash!!?? Have you gotten some projects done? Have you filled your shop more? Selfish sewing? Gift sewing? If you are like me, you haven’t made NEARLY the dent you meant to…

I began the year vowing not to do any swaps for a while, and I am happy to say I kept that promise! Except for the one I am currently hosting.. but that one is for SewMyStash so it doesn’t count!

January & February: I participated in the Valentines weekend challenge and finished up the Downton Abby swap that I had previously signed up for! I also had the precuts party challenge but I didn’t get to participate. Instead, I wrote a quilt block pattern for my Modern Quilt Guild chapter, the LAMQG. I did use some stash! The pattern is on sale in my shop! (Marching On Pattern)

March: In March I was no so disciplined. I did a little selfish sewing by making some scout tee’s… but I think only 1 of those was from stash. In fact, I *may* have visited Michael Levine in Downtown on their 20% off all cotton sale day. Oh.. yeah I did. Evidence:

See that stack next to my husband with the Heather Ross?? That’s mine. Whoops. See! I am not perfect at all!

April: I […]

Friends! Last week I published my first sewing pattern! OMG!

I am part of the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild and we have a series this year of “Block of the Month”. 12 members will create a block using predetermined fabrics and share it with the guild members and the monthly meeting! I created the block for March and I was so excited! March is a great month for me. Not only does it house my birthday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day), but other family and friends birthdays too!

Since March is so celebratory for me, I wanted to create a block that felt like a party… and maybe a hint of a clover. Voila! The Marching On block! The center is comprised of 4 different color banners against a dotted background (Cotton + Steel Dottie in Cloud). This felt like a parade to me! All the colored banners or buntings out for celebration against a confetti sky! I couldn’t love it more! AND when you make more blocks, the corners create a clover!! THE BEST, RIGHT!!?? Well, I think so.

The great thing about this block is that its easy to change the vibe of it by using different fabrics. I think the clover shape is subtle enough that if you use different fabrics, the clover wont be so obvious. Its also a great scrap buster for #SewMyStashers! Below are some photos of test blocks that other great quilters made to test the pattern!

(Stacey Peterson)


The Mid Century Modern Quilt…. over a year in the making… blood, sweat, and tears…. fully improv.. and oh-so intimidating! But, its finished and I love it and its amazing.. and the client thinks so too. But I want to share its journey with you!

The client who commissioned it was an awesome pocket-friend mama I met via Instagram. We chatted about it a lot and both of our excitement was palpable! I got started right away chosing fabrics and drawing up some design concepts!

It wasn’t long before I started to feel a little direction-less and that perhaps I should’ve drawn up an actual pattern. But I pressed on, hoping it would start to come together on its own. So I began laying it out, piecing it together, and rearranging, and piecing, and more rearranging… you get the point.

I pretty much got almost all the way done with the quilt top when I decided to be honest with myself. The quilt was not coming out how I envisioned it. And I didnt want to send something I wasnt happy with. So, I did a lot of thinking. First, I felt the quilt needed some larger shapes to help ground it. Also, I did really like a lot of the individual improv piecing I did so I wanted to keep a lot of them.

Next, I took a deep breath and CUT THE WHOLE QUILT TOP UP INTO 20 PIECES! Daring, I know, but I was up to […]

If you don’t know already, I am a big Harry Potter fan! I mean… I was trying to convince my husband to consider the name Sirius for our son! No joke. He became Levi, obviously, but I have already stated if the next child is a boy, Sirius just might be his middle name 😉

So, when I caught wind of a Hogwarts handmade swap on Instagram I had to join!

The partner I got answered her questionnaire pretty thoroughly. From it, I could tell she liked the creatures of the wizzarding world and identified mostly with Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. She requested either a mini quilt or something she could wear like a bag or a scarf. I always love fan gear that is subtle and clever, as opposed to overly marketed looking. The clever things you can sport and enjoy on a regular day, not just at a theme park.

I had seen this amazing bag pattern from Elizabeth Hartman called the Perfect Quilted Tote. The scrappy nature of it really caught my creative eye.

I went to my stash first, looking for whimsy, which I have a lot of thanks to the gorgeous prints of Heather Ross.

I decided to add some Lizzy House and Cotton and Steel to the pulls. Lizzy House is whimsical too and Cotton & Steel has a great line out right now with perfect colors and an even more perfect mix of whimsical lions […]

Potty training… the word and world I had been dreading since Levi was approaching 2 years old. Everything made it sound like such a drag… and all the different methods even more so. Because of Levi’s developmental delay, I resolved myself to accepting that it may not happen until closer to 4, but I vowed I would not force it! To my great pleasure, he potty learned about 2 weeks before turning 3 years old with little effort! Hooray! But I quickly noticed that he didn’t really have the wardrobe to support potty learning. Girls have cute leggings at their disposal, and they are perfect for any and all occasions. But for some reason, the majority of boy’s bottoms have buttons and zippers. There are a few elastic jeans happening over at Target, but they leave much to be desired and would leave us with only a variety of 2 pants styles to choose from. Not to mention, the elastic was still a little stiff for a kiddo still mastering the pulling up and down. So… mama decided to make some.

I decided I wanted to buy a pattern. Something pre-tested and perfected because I didn’t want to waste time with the trial and error of my own pattern or some freebie blog tutorial (no diss on those, many are great!). Well, it didn’t take long for me to learn that no pattern was likely to be perfect. I had chosen the “Kids Shorts” pattern by Dana […]

Hi friends! I was scrolling through my Flickr feed and realized I never took the time to share with you a project I completed in 1 week! After having so much fun with Schnitzel & Boo’s mini quilt swaps (see the Flickr photo stream here)… and being blessed with great minis that came my way…. I decided to volunteer to be an Angel in this swap! An Angel is someone who agrees to take on another partner without something in return. These new partners had partners of their own at some point but, as happens in all swaps, their partner had to drop out for some reason. Without Angels, that person will have made their item for THEIR person, but would never receive one.

I knew I was going to need to whip up something great and fast, and package a lot of goodies for it! Luckily, I was paired with someone whose taste was similar to mine so I was able to pull right from my stash instead of ordering new stuff! I also had a Red Letter Day pattern by Thimble Blossom that I won from Westwood Acres a few months ago that I was DYING to try out! And the pattern for 1 block was the perfect size for a mini quilt! The pattern was well written and so easy to put together… I should make things from patterns more often. LOL

I chose fabrics from

I was so excited to see a round 2 for the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap (Flickr group here) only 6 months after the first! I had such a great time creating my last mini that I didn’t hesitate to sign up again. You can see the mini I made back in Nov 2013 HERE.

The partner I was assigned didn’t have too much to say and wasn’t too present on social media… but I got enough of an idea on what might be good for her by stalking the little bit she did have on IG. She said her favorite colors were Aqua and yellow and I noticed how outdoorsy she was. Her IG feed was full of sunrises while on a jog… I wish I had her drive for exercise :P.

It didn’t take long for me to decide on a wonky log cabin design. And in thinking about nature and her colors, I decided to try and depict a bright sunny center with a bramble of foliage surrounding it! I immediately fell in love with the idea. Here is my concept piece I whipped up in Photoshop.

I pulled from my stash mostly but still had to order a few beauties.

I loved the wonky approach because I didn’t have to spend a lot of time measuring and cutting… its all about haphazard piecing!

I got this far (photo below) and realized I was taking too long transitioning to the blue […]