We are (slowly) starting to prepare for baby girl by getting the house, and specifically, her room ready. I saw we had a need for a few modern and goodlooking baskets for a cabinet outside her room. Well, everything Anna Graham of Noodlehead creates is both modern and goodlooking. I’ve had my eye on the baskets in her book for a while, so I decided to take the plunge.

I’m not sure why I thought my provisions to her pattern and instructions were going to work out better…. I guess I was feeling confident.

I decided to make 3 baskets at once so it was a lot of cutting. The cutting went well, but I had trouble when it came to sewing the side panels to the wall. You are instructed to clip the long wall pattern where the side panel is curved, in order to ease it into a curve shape too. This was a pain in the ass. After much swearing, time and sweat, I ended up putting a pleat in the side panels at the curve. It worked out ok I think.


Next, I sewed the outside and lining all together as instructed, and then I came to my first modification. I decided to do my handles differently. I wanted 1 handle on the front, like a drawer, instead of 2 on the sides near the top. The instructions said to use the double sided interfacing to stablize the side panels, and then attach the handles. But […]

Hello readers! I’m back from vacation! Well… actually I was back about 5 weeks ago… either way, here I am!! And I’m ready to get my nose back to the grind!

But first… vacation was amaze-balls! Me, hubby, and my sister had an excellent time in The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Greece! We had not been on vacation in 5 years almost! More importantly, Levi did so great with his grand parents during those 2 weeks! How about some photos, you ask?? Well, sure! You can find the gallery at the end of the post. 😉

I’m pretty excited to tell you about these 2 AWESOME fabric shops I visited (read: left a small fortune at) while in Amsterdam! The shop “Den Haan & Wagonmakers” (love that name!) sold dutch heritage fabric and the shop next door, “Birdsnest”, sold more modern fabrics.

And here is what I brought home!

Right away I started dreaming up what to make with my dutch fabric. After some deliberation and opinions, I decided on a Swoon Quilt by Thimble Blossoms. I’m so glad I did! I also decided to pair them with fresh modern solids so that it didn’t feel too much like a heritage quilt. I wanted a modern-vintage feel. I think I am succeeding! Here are a few blocks I have done so far!

They look so good!


When I got back, I was happy to hear the The Simpsons (where I […]

Friends! Last week I published my first sewing pattern! OMG!

I am part of the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild and we have a series this year of “Block of the Month”. 12 members will create a block using predetermined fabrics and share it with the guild members and the monthly meeting! I created the block for March and I was so excited! March is a great month for me. Not only does it house my birthday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day), but other family and friends birthdays too!

Since March is so celebratory for me, I wanted to create a block that felt like a party… and maybe a hint of a clover. Voila! The Marching On block! The center is comprised of 4 different color banners against a dotted background (Cotton + Steel Dottie in Cloud). This felt like a parade to me! All the colored banners or buntings out for celebration against a confetti sky! I couldn’t love it more! AND when you make more blocks, the corners create a clover!! THE BEST, RIGHT!!?? Well, I think so.

The great thing about this block is that its easy to change the vibe of it by using different fabrics. I think the clover shape is subtle enough that if you use different fabrics, the clover wont be so obvious. Its also a great scrap buster for #SewMyStashers! Below are some photos of test blocks that other great quilters made to test the pattern!

(Stacey Peterson)


Pull on into the station!! Welcome readers, new and old! Why the Hogwarts Express reference, you ask?? Because this is a blog hop stop! And because I love Harry Potter! Whats a blog hop? I wasn’t quite sure myself.. it made me think of a steam train.. hence the Hogwarts love I just gave. A blog hop is when bloggers pass the baton, so to speak, to each other to write a post on a common topic! The idea is for readers to find new content they might like! There are many types of blog hops (sometimes for authors of new books or fabric lines, patterns etc) but this one is just a “get to know you” type. I was invited by Lindsay of Sew Lindsay Sew to be a part of this one (my first blog hop). She recently challenged herself on her 100th post, to make a list of 100 projects she wants to sew! I’m really intrigued to see how she does! Its so easy for all of us to get distracted with other projects. Good luck Lindsay! Now, on to the questions!

“Why do I write?”

I’m a talker… and I have lots of aspects to my life and interests… and I was eager to share everything I could with anyone who would listen. But there came a point where I realized that I couldn’t keep oppress people with my passionate conversation every time I was in the presence of another human. LOL. […]

I had been eying this pattern for a long time… swooning over it really. I love how versatile it could be- juvenile, mature, boy, girl, clean and modern, or rustic depending on your fabric choices. I was considering it for Levi’s quilt (that I hope to get working on later this year). Well, an opportunity presented itself when a twitter mama commissioned a quilt for her little guy’s birthday. She wanted a Aeronautical type of theme. It was just perfect for this quilt.

Usually, I don’t use patterns… especially for commissions. I tend to just make them up or keep them basic. Making complicated blocks only lengthens the time and therefore the cost, so I keep it simple to keep cost low. So, this was my first quilt pattern. The instructions were very clear and well written and I had an easy time following. It just took a loooooong time. But I think that’s because I have only been doing simple ones. I happened to be on hiatus during the majority of it and I am so glad I was! I don’t think I would’ve finished within the deadline and I was a week over (thanks to Levi breaking his leg :P).


Most of my fabrics were designer quilting fabrics from various Etsy shops as well as my LQS (local quilt shop). Its a mix of Robert Kaufman, Waterfront Park, Botanics, Lotta Jansdotter and more. You can see my entire fabric selection HERE on Etsy as a saved […]

A few weeks ago, Blogger Erin from Two More Seconds had the brilliant idea of doing an Instagram wide fabric destash sale! How does it work? Using the hashtag #thegreatfabricdestash! If you are not really familiar with hashtags, the basic idea is that it’s a way to filter. Posters use hastags to categorize their content and people can click or touch (from their mobile devices) on the link and see all posts from anyone who included the hashtag. With that in mind, users posted photos on Instagram of the fabric they want to sell, and include the hashtag, filtering all the fabric for sale for users to browse! You simply leave your email address connected to your Paypal account to claim the fabric and the seller sends you an invoice via Paypal. Days later, you are snuggling your purchases!

Here is a good sampling of what it looks like when you go to the hashtag:

I sold a few things myself on the destash and was able to use it to get some hard to find and out of print fabric from favorite designers like Heather Ross and Aneela Hoey. You have to be quick, though! People were snatching things up in a blink! Here are the few I purchased!

Looooooove those little puppies!!

And I was sooooo excited to score these Heather Ross Horses on green! I was really fast with the typing! LOL

Don’t I look happy??

The best thing is…. its STILL GOING! […]

Honesty. I don’t really remember what my goals for 2013 were, except I know it included eating healthier. I am really happy that most of the year I made a lot of conscious choices about my eating and exercise habits, with some success! I feel much better when I am on top of it, I started taking Metformin again, and I participated in the “Game On” diet challenge with coworkers 3 times! I lost about 12 lbs total last year… and I hope I didn’t eat it back on from Halloween to the end of 2013, LOL.

I decided pretty quickly on what I wanted to try and accomplish this year. I’m mostly going to partake in a “Finish It 2014” type of goal. Finish It goals are exactly what they sound like. Things that are partway along and perhaps forgotten about or take up valuable shelf space (all of the above for me). It also includes those nagging projects you just keep meaning to do! I hope I didn’t over-do my Finish It goals. here they are!

1. The Mid-Century Modern Quilt! -this is for a client and I intend to finish it around the end of January. Its impromptu piecing project and its really intimidating me. But, I think I just really need to START piecing, and then it will roll right along. Keep an eye on my Instagram feed to see my progress over the next 4-ish weeks!

2. The Sheep Short Quilts!- sooooo last summer I joined a […]

I had so much fun making stockings for our family of 3 that I wanted to share it with you… now that Christmas has passed, lol. Better late than never!

Mostly I used this tutorial from the Moda Bake Shop site and this photo I saw on Flickr. I’m really only going to share what I did differently and any tips I think would be useful.

First I used our existing stockings to make a pattern piece out of a paper grocery bag instead of the template they provide. I traced it with some space all the way around. I didn’t fuss to make it perfect.

Then I cut my strips from the Cherry Christmas collection by Aneela Hoey along with some coordinating fabrics. I didn’t fuss about what thickness. The tutorial didn’t really explain the best approach to get the diagonal strips, so I thought I would share how I decided to do it:

I laid them all out straight at first to get my pattern down. Once decided, I laid them on top of each other into diagonals, alternating, so they become wedges. For ease, I used my water fabric pen and traced the edges of each strip onto the strip below it (this tells me what angle to cut that wedge in order to match up with the ones next to it). Using that drawn line, I trimmed the strips to a 1/4″ seam allowance. So now, they are wedge shaped. Make sure that the fabric […]