After posting the first challenge for SewMyStash2017 (read HERE), there was a lot of enthusiasm! But, there certainly was some hesitation and anxiety about committing to using those beauties. So, I thought an encouraging blog post was needed!


First: Don’t think of it as cutting up, screwing up, or ruining your most treasured fabric! You need to think about how awesome it will be to enjoy them in a new form… including how nice it will be for others to enjoy them, too! You are a great sewist! You like your work, others like your work… there are not many projects that you made that turned out to be total shit. Seriously. So, lets look at some great ways to decide what you’re going to make.


Pinteresting… One of the first things I do when I need ideas is to search Pinterest. If I have fabric I want to use (in MY case I plan to cut up my precious Heather Ross fabrics) I begin my searching there with keywords like “heather ross, briar rose, quilt, bag, etc”. If you haven’t done this, try it! You might be surprised how many results you get!


Pocket Friends! The Instagram community is so very awesome and supportive! Talk to your followers and get ideas from them! You can also search the hashtags of your fabric you intend to use and see what others have made. Same as the keywords in Pinterest, try different hashtags to maximize your inspiration!


Go To Your Library! I’m talking about your sewing book library… but the public library is great too! We all have sewing books that have not been used to their max. Why not pick something from there? Maybe challenge yourself further and chose the “ugliest” quilt in the book! Perhaps your beauties with that pattern will be phenomenal!


Don’t Wear Them. For this challenge, I suggest NOT making a garment. These are your most cherished hoards and apparel will fade and get worn out over time. Stick to quilts, pillows, mini quilts/tapestries, and even bags.


Strengths Over New. Go with what you know or are good at. This is not the time to try new techniques. I’m not saying to sew using only patterns you know, just not to tackle paper piecing if you’ve never done it. Stick to basics and/or your common skill set and look for new ways to execute them. But, don’t underestimate the power of a simple half-square triangle quilt.


Show It Off! Do make sure you consider the motif sizes of the prints on your fabric! You don’t want to make micro cuts into large shapes/flowers/cuties. Whatever you chose should show off why you like the fabric so much!


Use What is There. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to go to your local fabric shop in order to do this. That might seem obvious, but I still want to say it. Probably, you can get through this challenge with other fabric from your stash to support the faves in your chosen project. Batting, quilt backing, notions are exceptions. And maybe a little bit of coordinating solids if desperate. Curate a masterpiece!


You CAN do this! And I feel pretty sure you’re going to be glad you did!

Love, Leasa

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