Oh boy, did we have a hectic August! It tends to be so every year, though, because both my husband and my son’s birthdays are in August… only 2 days apart! We also had a wedding out of town, which was great! And, unfortunately, I had to say good bye to a friend.

My coworker, Ricky Manginsay, passed away from cancer very young. I worked with him every day.. on our team we had our Director Rob Oliver, Ricky as the assistant director, and me as the lead Background artist. It was very emotional for everyone. I am happy to say that we have celebrated him as much as we can since he passed! And I took the opportunity to make something special for him (and his wife), and as a way for me to process/grieve. I’m only sorry I didn’t get to give it to him in person. He died the morning of the day I was to visit with a group of coworkers. I hope, with all my heart, that he may rest in peace and that his friends and family’s suffering is eased.

Sorry for the sad moment..there were a lot of great parts of August! Levi’s 4th birthday (puppy themed), the wedding of friends in Idaho, and how much family we got to spend time with thanks to 2 reunions!

If you don’t know already, I am a big Harry Potter fan! I mean… I was trying to convince my husband to consider the name Sirius for our son! No joke. He became Levi, obviously, but I have already stated if the next child is a boy, Sirius just might be his middle name 😉

So, when I caught wind of a Hogwarts handmade swap on Instagram I had to join!

The partner I got answered her questionnaire pretty thoroughly. From it, I could tell she liked the creatures of the wizzarding world and identified mostly with Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. She requested either a mini quilt or something she could wear like a bag or a scarf. I always love fan gear that is subtle and clever, as opposed to overly marketed looking. The clever things you can sport and enjoy on a regular day, not just at a theme park.

I had seen this amazing bag pattern from Elizabeth Hartman called the Perfect Quilted Tote. The scrappy nature of it really caught my creative eye.

I went to my stash first, looking for whimsy, which I have a lot of thanks to the gorgeous prints of Heather Ross.

I decided to add some Lizzy House and Cotton and Steel to the pulls. Lizzy House is whimsical too and Cotton & Steel has a great line out right now with perfect colors and an even more perfect mix of whimsical lions […]

Hi friends! I was scrolling through my Flickr feed and realized I never took the time to share with you a project I completed in 1 week! After having so much fun with Schnitzel & Boo’s mini quilt swaps (see the Flickr photo stream here)… and being blessed with great minis that came my way…. I decided to volunteer to be an Angel in this swap! An Angel is someone who agrees to take on another partner without something in return. These new partners had partners of their own at some point but, as happens in all swaps, their partner had to drop out for some reason. Without Angels, that person will have made their item for THEIR person, but would never receive one.

I knew I was going to need to whip up something great and fast, and package a lot of goodies for it! Luckily, I was paired with someone whose taste was similar to mine so I was able to pull right from my stash instead of ordering new stuff! I also had a Red Letter Day pattern by Thimble Blossom that I won from Westwood Acres a few months ago that I was DYING to try out! And the pattern for 1 block was the perfect size for a mini quilt! The pattern was well written and so easy to put together… I should make things from patterns more often. LOL

I chose fabrics from