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Welcome to the SewMyStash Mini Quilt Swap! Below you will find the details and rules for this swap. It is open to international sewers as well as domestic! The ship deadline for international is October 3rd and final deadline is October 12th. My intention is for all packages to be received by the end of October. Since this is mostly stash sewing, everyone should be able to get started right away and finish easily within the deadline. There is no specific theme, you may request anything from your partner, including holiday related! The link to the google form is at the bottom of this post! Happy quilting!


The Details:

  1. It must be a mini quilt ranging from 12″x 12″ to 24″x 24″
  2. It needs to be 75% stash at least! Really try hard for this, guys! Its the honor system, but its also the fun/point of this swap!
  3. Lets try to keep the extra goodies to yardage or scraps from your stash or other little things! No need to go on a shopping spree. You are welcome to use more stash to make something small, of course!
  4. We will be using the #SewMyStashMiniQuiltSwap hashtag as well as hashtags for swap mamas (example: #LeasasStashSewers)
  5. Be aware that people will be pulling fabrics from their stash for you! I recommend being generous with your info on the sign up form and with your posted mosaic.
  6. Know that this swap is open to all skill levels, but we will be attempting to pair people up who would fit well together.
  7. This is a SECRET swap
  8. The swap is limited to 350 participants



  1. You MUST have a public and active Instagram account!
  2. You MUST post a mosaic of inspiration for your partner within 1 week of partner assignment
  3. You MUST check in with your swap mama at the halfway point of September 1st. You need to have started by then!
  4. International shipping deadline is October 3rd
  5. Final deadline is October 12th
  6. You MUST notify your swap mama when you send and receive
  7. You MUST properly thank your partner for their hard work!

Swap Mamas:

@crazydutchbirdquilts @jaclynb @london_and_granger @megsincali @sewhoitytoity @wolfykisses @projectleasa



  1. Melissa says:

    Hi, signed up and excited..
    However, I entered an incorrect IG account on my sign up form. Have lodged another sign up form in hopes the error could be fixed up on my original form?.???

    • Leasa says:

      On your 2nd submission, did you fill out the whole thing again? if so, I will delete your first submission. If not, I will find the 2nd submission and grab the correct IG name and put it in place of the wrong one from your 1st submission. Make sense? Please tell me the 2 IG names you used, or your last name so I can search the spreadsheet

    • marie says:

      Being a swap angle means that you would be willing to make a 2nd project/swap in the event that someone fails to send a swap. You still just get your one swap but the person left out gets a package to make up for having a lame partner.

      Make sense?

  2. marie says:

    I am excited to be in a swap again! I can’t wait for the partner assignment.

    Now what to put on my inspiration pic? Hmmmm

  3. Virginia Basham says:

    I’ve never participated in a swap but I’m definitely interested in getting involved in one. I’m new to quilting and still learning all the ins and outs of quilting but this swap sounds like it would be so much fun to be part of not to mention the people you get to know. Please let me know when you’re going to start another one.

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