Welcome to the kickoff blog post for Sew My Stash 2015!

This past few years I have spent lots of time sewing many projects… for others. I have been collecting amazing fabrics with the intention to sew some great things for me and my household. Repeatedly, I kept meaning to use them, but other projects always came first. But my stash was steadily growing. Last week, I finally decided that in 2015 I wanted to sew those pretties in my stash that are collecting dust. I thought a few people might be interested in taking this challenge on, so I posted about it on Instagram. Within 3 days I had almost 500 extra followers and hundreds of ‘likes’ and reposts on my Instagram image. So here we are! I’m excited and overwhelmed to be heading up this challenge for so many, but I say lets do this!




For the blog. The #sewmystash2015 hashtag on Instagram

I plan to write blog post every 3-ish weeks, encouraging and reviewing how it seems to be going for the masses, as well as addressing various topics and issues that might come up with trying to focus on sewing your stash. And, as a heads up, July will be all about sewing your Christmas stash! So save those projects for then if you want to participate!

Getting Started:
I think we should first think of the ways you can use up you stash. I like the idea of thinking about what kind of sewing you should do more of? Do you sew for others all the time? Focus on yourself this year. If you do lots of selfish sewing try thinking some things up for others or even charities! Maybe you have an online shop… make more things for the shop! Try sewing some new products and offer them at competitive rates. That’s a good way of getting some revenue in place of your stash, something many are interesting in doing. Especially if selling your sewings helps pay for more pretties. I personally sew for others all the time. I would like to focus on sewing for me as well as adding finished products to my Etsy store.

Your Stash:
Don’t be embarrassed, be honest and excited! Don’t worry about wondering if you’re a hoarder or not. Just get going one at a time. For those of you with insane unorganized stashes, I don’t think I would suggest organizing as a first step. I think we all need to get a completed project, sewn from the stash, under our belts to feel accomplished! So I say start with something that is an easy completion or that you have already had a plan for and just need to execute. Don’t begin with your most coveted fabrics and the most difficult pattern ever with all kinds of techniques you have never done. Just get started and get one complete and then go from there.

First, I want to say that FABRIC DIETING IS NOT REQUIRED. That’s up to you if you want to limit your fabric purchasing. If you’re in on the fence about it, maybe decide that for every project finished you permit yourself to buy some more. I didn’t start this with the intention to whittle down your stashes to nothing. I focused on getting everyone to actually use the things they bought.

I do suggest that for each project you try to get 50% of your needed fabric from your stash. I think quilt backings, solids, backgrounds will commonly need to be bought.

What to do next:
If you haven’t already posted a photo of your stash on the hashtag, start there. Otherwise, start posting photos of your pulls for your first project. Don’t forget to tell us about it! Also, feel free to blog along and link up here so others can see what you’re up to.

I think that is all! Keep using the #SewMyStash2015 hashtag and thank ALL OF YOU so much for loving my idea and challenging yourselves along with me!


  1. katie yoakum says:

    I am all in on this one and I’ve even posted some truly shameful pictures of my stash on my blog to spread the word. I so look forward to seeing all the great finishes that we are able to create this year.

  2. Veronica AM says:

    Hi! So excited to do this!! I tend to sew for others, and leave my sewing projects for later. At least that’s how it went this past year! I’m hoping to finally complete a quilt for ourselves! Thanks for an awesome way to start sewing this coming year!!

    • Leasa says:

      I feel your pain! I have only 1 quilt that I made for us. And it’s the first one I’ve ever made. I need to change that. Selfish sewing for me!

  3. Miriam Gribin says:

    I have a couple small projects quilts, patchwork gifts, mini quilts, toys and i am going to try and sew my way through a couple of these books.then i use my stash and actually read and sew the books I’ve accumulated.

    • Leasa says:

      Thx Angie! I joined the facebook group.. thanks for inviting me to it! I still need info/guidance on how to promote the idea within the group. 😀

  4. Jaq says:

    I’m super excited for this too! I’ve been setting goals for a long time to use up my stash, but never really stuck to it. Having all these folks on the same page will sure help keep me on track!
    (off to take pics of the stash…)

  5. Belloquacity says:

    This is such a great idea Leasa,

    I was thinking exactly the same thing and went searching for a hashtag on Instagram and found yours!
    I’m so glad I found you!
    It was great to read your blog post and I can’t wait to get started! I’m excited! Thanks to you I see so many other people are all in the same boat.

    • Leasa says:

      Thank you! I really was shocked how this idea took off! I thought maybe 5-10 sewing friends might do it…. Lol, nope. Hundreds. Glad to have you!

  6. Lindsay says:

    This is going to be great! I love the rules and suggestions you have already put out there. I also sew for others all the time, and I am ready for some selfish sewing (although maybe I am just feeling Christmas gift burnout!) …

    “Fabric dieting is not required” — made me LOL! 🙂

  7. Rhoda Forbes says:

    I just had this blog recommended from Becca. I have spent two years de-stashing and will be working hard on again in 2015. So happy to have found like minded bloggers. happy to be here too.

  8. Emmajane says:

    Hello! I saw this on Instagram and just want to join in the fun! It’s a great idea and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone does to reduce their stash. Thank you so much for starting this!

  9. Madge says:

    I tried to take pics of my stash but honestly we moved last fall and it is in bins EVERYWHERE LOL

    I love the idea of using your stash for new products in your shop and that’s probably going to be about 1/2 my projects but like you Leasa I have bought some pretties for projects for me and I would love to get those done too

    So excited to be part of #sewyourstash2015

    • Leasa says:

      Don’t worry too much about the stash shot. Everyone was so eager and I was out of town so it was something to start with. Glad to have you!

  10. Laura says:

    This is great!! My sewing room is shrinking it seems with piles of fabric and misc. I need some motivation to get organized and finish something. Looking forward to this year and it’s projects!

  11. Cheryl says:

    Thanks for starting this. In 2014 I sewed mainly for others and my etsy shop. So many of My projects sat waiting to be completed. Determined to complete a bunch of quilts in 2015 and finally start creating things with my gorgeous stash of fabric (moyersminions on IG)

  12. Sandy@UpstairsHobbyRoom says:

    just posted my stash picture! Crazy…..I am also challenging myself to cleaning up my WIPs and UFOs, because that is frankly as bad as my stash hoarding!! lol This is going to be a great year!! I will have to make my own rules for myself and blog about it tomorrow, I hope, with one exclusion for buying canvas fabric for the Bag of the Month club I am in and Christmas sewing again, need heavier fabric I don’t hoard, lol!!

  13. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs says:

    Thanks so much for rounding this up, Leasa! I’m never one for a fabric diet (I don’t have the willpower!) but I loved the ideas of focusing on really trying to use what I have when I saw your first post, and tomorrow I’ll be putting the finishing touches on the first project! It’ll be my first happy mail blog giveaway of the year, so my stash’s loss will be someone else’s lucky gain ; ) Happy New Year!

    • Leasa says:

      I’m so glad to hear that! It seemed like everyone needed the overall challenge, but also had their own needs and wants out of it. I didn’t want to discourage anyone with lots of rules and I didn’t want anyone to “fall off the wagon” and get disheartened. That’s defeating its purpose! Scrappy projects are fun! My scrap bin is small but I think later in the year once I’ve started using my stash I will have some great scraps!

  14. Sandy Panagos says:

    I SO need to “Sew My Stash” this year. We had to move everything out of my sewing room early last room to have hardwood floors installed and I saw so much fabric I barely even remembered having. Let’s go!!

      • Sandy Panagos says:

        I am a little confused about how this works. I know I need to blog about my stash and then blog about when I pull a project from my stash. I have your link on the side of my blog. I will also link to you in the posts. Is that all there is to it? Is there a way I can follow some of the others who are doing this? Thanks!

  15. Claire says:

    Since a fabric diet is not required, I’ll play. I’m not into dieting at all, only using as much stash as possible. I used the tag on FlickR, but I don’t do instagram–don’t have a smart phone.

    • Leasa says:

      Great! Thanks for using it on Flickr. I have an account but I don’t post to it much except for occasional project photos or for easy linking to blog posts. But I will try and share the love there more 🙂

  16. Lisa C says:

    I started quilting 3.5 years ago and when I started I didn’t under the concept of a stash. It didn’t take me long to figure it out! Last August I decided I need to use these precious fabrics so I took a class for sew-together bags and made 19 of them by Christmas. All but about 1.5 yards came from my stash — and then my husband’s aunt gave me about 5 yards of fabric (lovely lovely fabric)! It was so funny — I use it, and she gives me a huge fat quarter bundle. But you are right – sometimes it’s not about not buying anymore, it’s about using what we thought was pretty in the first place. I had never made any kind of bag until last August. I just tried a simple square zippy bag (I’m not great at reading directions unless they are simple — I’m a class girl) and it worked so I’ve made three and that uses about 1.25 fat quarters! Good luck!

  17. Sonja Doyle says:

    Good morning!

    I love this idea, and it couldn’t come at a better time. 20 years ago my stash fit into a hallway closet. Now, I have 2 craft/sewing rooms filled with fabric.

    I’m excited about finishing some quilts, dresses for my 6 year old and all the home decorating projects I have on my Pinterest boards.

    Thanks for the idea, and motivation!

  18. LaVonne Goodell says:

    Do you have newsletters you send out? I would like to keep up with you. I do quilting and am interested in any new ideas and quilting projects that comes along. Please reply to:

    LaVonne Goodell
    email: sweetvon38@gmail.com

    I live in Minnesota

    • Leasa says:

      Hi LaVonne! I dont have a news letter, but I am on bloglovin or you can subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! There will definitely be many posts and ideas this year so come back again soon!

  19. My Sew Imperfect Life says:

    I’m so in! My husband &kids will love this idea. I have much stash to get through. I am a perfectionist & often don’t use fabric b/c I’m afraid of messing it up. Silly huh?

    • Leasa says:

      Not silly at all! I think my heather Ross fabrics will be the last I cut into because I’m afraid of starting on a quilt and then wishing I had chosen a different pattern! Don’t startwith your most favorite. Start with some you like but are more likely to be relaxed about cutting into. And welcome!

  20. Stepper says:

    I don’t have a photo of my stash because my hubs put it all in totes in a storage unit among many other things. But I posted a photo of my first participation on instagram. I’ll stack up the things I smuggled back into the house and take a photo tomorrow. It’s scattered around a few different rooms in the house, right now.

  21. Becky says:

    I believe I answered my own question! I’m not sure which of the ones listed is the post card ones, but I’ve got sufficient info in my e-mail to follow directions. Thanks for hosting these!

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