In case you didn’t know, Kids Clothes Week is halfway in and I’m only just now giving you all a heads up! Sorry about that! But I didn’t want you to miss an opportunity to sew some stash for any wee ones in your life!

My favorite thing to sew for my kiddo right now is pants and shorts! I wrote about the pattern I used a few months ago (read it here) but a refresher and links to some truly great patterns and free tutorials is always a good idea!

I mostly have used the patterns and free tutorials from Dana at Dana Made It.

Made by Rae has great stuff too!

You can browse the hashtag on Instagram or the Flickr Pool to see what others are making and discover some new patterns!

And of course there is always Pinterest.

I, personally, will be taking out the hem on the pants I made for Levi back in October. He has grown some and they are becoming capris! Lol. That is probably all I will have time for this round, but its fun to participate either way! And I get a ridiculous amount of compliments on all the pants I make for him! There is not a lot of cute variety when it comes to little boys fashion, that’s for sure.

Are you participating in Kids Clothes Week?? What are you making!?


PS. A precuts challenge is coming!!! Details in a few days 😉

    • Leasa says:

      I havent tried any upcycling projects! Not sure I have anything good for it… hmm.. hubby doesnt have any good looking old clothes. I will have to keep an eye out for next time!

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