Hi friends! I just wanted to post here that a winner of the giveaway was chosen via the random number generator! It was Teresa Moran or @nanamoran11 on Instagram! I also want to point out that I did include those of you who linked up on the blog post too!

Photo Jan 26, 8 49 15 AM

Also wanted to share MY project for the weekend sew.. though of course I didnt enter the contest ;). I had a very large tea towel I bought from Ikea in the fall intending to turn it into 2 envelope pillow covers for my couch… and I DID! It feels so great to make something I actually intended to make… and on time!

Photo Jan 20, 8 17 46 PM Photo Jan 24, 4 11 34 PM

Thanks for participating and congrats to everyone who got some great work done! Stay tuned to the hashtag and the blog– there are many more posts and fun things to come!



  1. Tammy (Mom) Kent says:

    My darling, daughter. It amazes me how talented you are and continue to grow. Where in the heck do you find the time to do all that you do? My hat goes off to you. YOU are very special!! Love Mom

    • Leasa says:

      Thanks mom! Honestly, sometimes I don’t know where I find time. I only hope I am balancing well and I remind myself that this is for fun and my family needs me first. 🙂

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