Hello SewMyStashers! By now, you should be into your first project (at least) using your stash! I am a little behind because I need to finish up my #DisneyQuiltSwap2015 mini quilt, and then I’m all aboard!

I wanted this post to focus on getting over the quilter’s block. What I mean by that is similar to writers block. You have fabric you want to use, but are not sure the best project or pattern to showcase it the way it deserves. OR you have a pattern you have always wanted to make but are not sure which fabrics to use. I’m going to show you some of my approaches and I hope they help you!


Pinterest is my usual go-to. I like to see what others have done with that fabric or the pattern! It gives me great ideas! For example, I have always wanted to make a quilt showcasing my Heather Ross fabrics. So I search for fabric + “quilt” or “pillow” etc. Pretty straight forward. Think about the fabric you are using. Heather Ross fabric is novelty and has lots of character in her illustrations. You wouldn’t want a pattern that cuts it up a lot. Something with fussy cutting would be the best way to showcase. A polaroid pattern or monkey in the middle… or a churn-dash. You get the idea.

You can use the same approach for a pattern you like but are not sure which fabrics would be good. Ive always wanted to do a plus quilt […]

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Welcome to the kickoff blog post for Sew My Stash 2015!

This past few years I have spent lots of time sewing many projects… for others. I have been collecting amazing fabrics with the intention to sew some great things for me and my household. Repeatedly, I kept meaning to use them, but other projects always came first. But my stash was steadily growing. Last week, I finally decided that in 2015 I wanted to sew those pretties in my stash that are collecting dust. I thought a few people might be interested in taking this challenge on, so I posted about it on Instagram. Within 3 days I had almost 500 extra followers and hundreds of ‘likes’ and reposts on my Instagram image. So here we are! I’m excited and overwhelmed to be heading up this challenge for so many, but I say lets do this!



I plan to write blog post every 3-ish weeks, encouraging and reviewing how it seems to be going for the masses, as well as addressing various topics and issues that might come up with trying to focus on sewing your stash. And, as a heads up, July will be all about sewing your Christmas stash! So save those projects for then if you want to participate!

Getting Started:
I think we should first think of the ways you can use up you stash. I like the idea of thinking about what kind of sewing you should do more of? Do you sew for others all […]

Well hello sewers! It’s been a few months since my last post, thanks to the Holidays, but I felt it was important to write a post for the end of the year.

I have to say, I am really impressed with the success of #SewMyStash2015 for all of you! The hashtag on Instagram has over 10,000 posts! I’ve seen countless AMAZING finished projects, commented on more than I can count, and loved every moment of it! Toward the first half of the year, we had a little more steam and started with a few great challenges that were well received! I also was part of Make Modern Magazine‘s March publication sharing the SewMyStash movement in an interview! That was awesome! But the biggest project for SewMyStash was the Mini Quilt Swap. We had over 300 participants! It wrapped up in early November and I think it was successful, though stressful. I definitely have extra respect for swap hosts and swap mamas! (Click HERE for all the SewMyStash2015 blog posts)

What’s the plan for next year…..?

Well, if you all are like me, then I am SURE you still have plenty of stash you didn’t get to! So… we will be continuing SewMyStash into 2016!! Yayyy! I already have a few ideas for challenges and this time I think I will make a calendar ahead so sewers know whats coming up! It would also be great to get a blog hop […]

Hello readers! I’m back from vacation! Well… actually I was back about 5 weeks ago… either way, here I am!! And I’m ready to get my nose back to the grind!

But first… vacation was amaze-balls! Me, hubby, and my sister had an excellent time in The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Greece! We had not been on vacation in 5 years almost! More importantly, Levi did so great with his grand parents during those 2 weeks! How about some photos, you ask?? Well, sure! You can find the gallery at the end of the post. 😉

I’m pretty excited to tell you about these 2 AWESOME fabric shops I visited (read: left a small fortune at) while in Amsterdam! The shop “Den Haan & Wagonmakers” (love that name!) sold dutch heritage fabric and the shop next door, “Birdsnest”, sold more modern fabrics.

And here is what I brought home!

Right away I started dreaming up what to make with my dutch fabric. After some deliberation and opinions, I decided on a Swoon Quilt by Thimble Blossoms. I’m so glad I did! I also decided to pair them with fresh modern solids so that it didn’t feel too much like a heritage quilt. I wanted a modern-vintage feel. I think I am succeeding! Here are a few blocks I have done so far!

They look so good!


When I got back, I was happy to hear the The Simpsons (where I […]

I felt it was time for the next challenge, and I wanted to center it around bags! Why? ….Why not?! I have been seeing so many great bag patterns popping up on social media and on blogs. Also, I thought its a great bridge-gapper for quilters and apparel sewers. Also, I need a cross body shoulder bag for my upcoming trip to Europe in May… so its a little bit selfish too… but I did say at the beginning of SewMyStash2015 that I personally wanted to focus on selfish sewing.


1. Must be a bag! That means bigger than a zippy. I would say, if it has a strap of any sort, then it counts. So the smallest could be like a wristlet wallet or clutch and biggest all the way up to weekenders and whatnot.

2. Must be 75% stash! That means the main fabrics. Buying zippers, hardware, etc are all ok.

3. Must be completed by April 27th! Lets make it to the end of the month! the 30th! I will accept bags started this month too. I know I said it starts the 13th, but there are some sew-alongs happening out there so if you are doing one of those and using stash, it counts!

***Bonus submission for coordinating zippy!

I am also happy to announce that the very awesome Jennie from Clover and Violet is offering a single use coupon code for 50% bag patterns! You may use it for up to 2 pattern purchases! Use coupon code “sewmystash50” […]

I am so bad at selfish sewing. So many times I make things for others either as gifts or for swaps… and then vow that I WILL make it for myself when I am done! But I don’t… lol. Selfish sewing was one of my main reasons for starting SewMyStash2015, so that means I will be taking full advantage of Selfish Sewing week!

What is selfish sewing week? Well, just what it sounds like! Make something FOR YOURSELF! There are no other requirements! It can be anything, though typically it refers to apparel sewing. Indie Sew is heading this up and they have a great contest/challenge to go along with it! Head over to their site and see what its about!

What am I planning to make? Well, lately I have really been wanting to make ALL THE CLOTHES! I have seen so many cute dress and shirt patterns on Instagram and Flickr… but one thing stops me… my body. I’m not happy with my size. I have never been thin. I see so many cute sewn dresses on great straight, thin bodies and I find myself wanting to look the same. And it’s the reason I don’t sew clothes. I keep holding onto the idea that I will as soon as I get down 20 lbs or more! Then I will be so happy and feel so beautiful… RIGHT?? Recently, there has been a really important body positivity movement happening, thanks to many influential women like my friend

I’ve been holding in a little secret that I can finally share! Well, maybe I was allowed to share before, but I doubt it and I didn’t ask… and secrets are fun! Anyway…. I was interviewed for a magazine!

Make Modern Magazine is an Australian based digital magazine, made by quilters for quilters. They produce bi-monthly issues and are on their 4th one! Even though they are somewhat new, their issues are packed full of great articles, tips, tricks and projects! The issues are easily over 100 pages! I feel totally honored to share the digital pages with other great quilting enthusiasts!

Make modern contacted me to be included in a section they were dedicating to sewing your stash. I got to answer a series of great questions and send some pictures of my not-too-giant stash to be included. I ended up with 2 whole pages discussing the #SewMyStash2015 challenge that I started on Instagram! If you have read my previous posts for SewMyStash, you know the story… but I still highly recommend you head over to Make Modern’s website and get the latest issue! If not only to check out yours truly, then to pour over the entire issue in all its quilty goodness!

Thanks for all the support and participation in #SewMyStash2015! Its been so fun so far and there are many more exciting and interesting things to come!